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This release is still work in progress under quartz-2.3.x branch!


Released on 25-Mar-2018


  • #294 depen: Update hikaricp-java6:2.3.13 to hikaricp-java7:2.4.13

  • #316 depen: Updated C3P0 version to

  • #147 bugfix: Fix BINARY to BLOG type for job data for hsqldb

  • #156 bugfix: Fix null string used in thread name with DirectSchedulerFactory

  • #159 bugfix: Fix extra bad char tick on drop table qurtz_fired_triggers for postgres

  • #146 bugfix: Release BLOCKED triggers in releaseAcquiredTrigger

  • #212 bugfix: QuartzInitializerListener: fix a typo

  • #193 bugfix: Job execution context impl returns incorrect recovering job key

  • #172 bugfix: Miss notify SchedulerListeners in QuartzScheduler.java

  • #220 bugifx: DailyTimeIntervalTrigger failed to set endingDailyAfterCount = 1

  • #160 improv: Add drop table if exists check in sql script for postgres

  • #214 improv: Reuse JobBuilder.storeDurably(boolean) in JobBuilder

  • #281 improv: Fix no setter for dataSource property validateOnCheckout

  • #264 improv: Fix no setter for dataSource property discardIdleConnectionsSeconds

  • #245 improv: Sybase: Changed varchar length TRIGGER_NAME from 80 to 200

  • #340 improv: Use all-caps table names in the liquibase script

  • #189 improv: NPE thrown when acquiring next trigger due to null next fire time value

  • #268 improv: Add configurable params for StdRowLockSemaphore for Failure obtaining db row lock

  • #293 build: Setup Azure CI server for Quartz project

  • #66 build: Remove unused 'svn' requirement during maven package build

  • #301 build: Improve project with readme, and license changes log

  • #302 build: Update mvnw wrapper to use Maven 3.6.0

  • #226 build: Replace maven-forge-plugin with maven-jar-plugin

  • #170 docs: Minor fix and improvement on Javadoc

  • #203 docs: Minor fix and improvement on Javadoc

  • #360 docs: Update docs and migrate it into main source repository


Released on 19-Apr-2017


  • #9 build: Fix the Java 8 javadoc issue with 'doclint:none'

  • #6 bugfix: Fix cannot create tables in MySQL with InnoDB and UTF8mb4

  • #93 bugfix: Fix the jobs recovering (on scheduler startup)

  • #76 improv: Add missing foreign key for BLOB triggers table for ms sql server

  • #114 improv: Add 'if exists' clause to drop tables command for postgres

  • #25 feat: Add resetTriggerFromErrorState functionality

  • #126 feat: Add support for hikari cp, upgrade c3p0 library, break static dependencies

Previous Releases

quartz-2.2.3 	14-Apr-2016
quartz-2.2.2 	13-Oct-2015
quartz-2.2.1 	26-Sep-2013
quartz-2.2.0 	29-Jun-2013

quartz-2.1.7 	08-Mar-2013
quartz-2.1.6 	13-Aug-2012
quartz-2.1.5 	27-Apr-2012
quartz-2.1.4 	16-Apr-2012
quartz-2.1.3 	30-Jan-2012
quartz-2.1.2 	22-Dec-2011
quartz-2.1.1 	14-Nov-2011
quartz-2.1.0 	16-Sep-2011

quartz-2.0.2  26-May-2011
quartz-2.0.1  12-Apr-2011
quartz-2.0.0  28-Mar-2011

quartz-1.8.6  12-Jan-2012
quartz-1.8.5  12-Apr-2011
quartz-1.8.4  19-Jul-2010
quartz-1.8.3  22-Jun-2010
quartz-1.8.2  18-Jun-2010
quartz-1.8.1 	11-Jun-2010
quartz-1.8.0 	23-Apr-2010

quartz-1.7.3 	24-Feb-2010
quartz-1.7.2 	10-Feb-2010

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