What's New In Quartz Scheduler 2.1

If you aren't yet familiar with Quartz 2.0, you may want to first read What's New In Quartz 2.0.

We'd like to express thanks to the community contributors that performed a significant amount of the work contained in this release!

API Changes

  • QTZ-197 - JobDataMap has had improvements made to its interface w/respect to generics
  • QTZ-184 - GroupMatcher API changes to avoid generics compiler warnings

New Features

  • QTZ-196 - New trigger type 'DailyTimeIntervalTrigger'
  • QTZ-186 - Improvements for interrupting executing jobs


  • Performance improvements, including:

    • Now Implemented In JDBC-JobStore: Ability to batch-acquire triggers that are ready to be fired, which can provide performance improvements for very busy schedulers (TerracottaJobStore and RAMJobStore got this feature with Quartz 2.0). NOTE: If "org.quartz.scheduler.batchTriggerAcquisitionMaxCount" is set to > 1, and JDBC JobStore is used, then "org.quartz.jobStore.acquireTriggersWithinLock" must be set to "true" to avoid data corruption.
  • PropertySettingJobFactory is now the default JobFactory.

  • Various bug fixes, for complete listing see the release notes from Jira: https://jira.terracotta.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=10282&version=10981