How-To: Updating a trigger

Replacing a trigger

// Define a new Trigger
Trigger trigger = newTrigger()
    .withIdentity("newTrigger", "group1")

// tell the scheduler to remove the old trigger with the given key, and put the new one in its place
sched.rescheduleJob(triggerKey("oldTrigger", "group1"), trigger);

Updating an existing trigger

// retrieve the trigger
Trigger oldTrigger = sched.getTrigger(triggerKey("oldTrigger", "group1");

// obtain a builder that would produce the trigger
TriggerBuilder tb = oldTrigger.getTriggerBuilder();

// update the schedule associated with the builder, and build the new trigger
// (other builder methods could be called, to change the trigger in any desired way)
Trigger newTrigger = tb.withSchedule(simpleSchedule()

sched.rescheduleJob(oldTrigger.getKey(), newTrigger);