Configuration Reference

Configure Global Listeners

Global listeners can be instantiated and configured by StdSchedulerFactory, or your application can do it itself at runtime, and then register the listeners with the scheduler. “Global” listeners listen to the events of every job/trigger rather than just the jobs/triggers that directly reference them.

Configuring listeners through the configuration file consists of giving then a name, and then specifying the class name, and any other properties to be set on the instance. The class must have a no-arg constructor, and the properties are set reflectively. Only primitive data type values (including Strings) are supported.

Thus, the general pattern for defining a “global” TriggerListener is:

Configuring a Global TriggerListener

org.quartz.triggerListener.NAME.class =
org.quartz.triggerListener.NAME.propName = propValue
org.quartz.triggerListener.NAME.prop2Name = prop2Value

And the general pattern for defining a “global” JobListener is:

Configuring a Global JobListener

org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.class =
org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.propName = propValue
org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.prop2Name = prop2Value