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Packages that use CronExpression
org.quartz.impl.triggers This package contains Trigger implementations that ship with Quartz. 

Uses of CronExpression in org.quartz.impl.calendar

Methods in org.quartz.impl.calendar that return CronExpression
 CronExpression CronCalendar.getCronExpression()
          Returns the object representation of the cron expression that defines the dates and times this calendar excludes.

Methods in org.quartz.impl.calendar with parameters of type CronExpression
 void CronCalendar.setCronExpression(CronExpression expression)
          Sets the cron expression for the calendar to a new value

Uses of CronExpression in org.quartz.impl.triggers

Methods in org.quartz.impl.triggers with parameters of type CronExpression
 void CronTriggerImpl.setCronExpression(CronExpression cronExpression)
          Set the CronExpression to the given one.

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