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Packages that use SchedulerMetaData
org.quartz The main package of Quartz, containing the client-side interfaces. 
org.quartz.impl Contains implementations of the SchedulerFactory, JobStore, ThreadPool, and other interfaces required by the org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler. 

Uses of SchedulerMetaData in org.quartz

Methods in org.quartz that return SchedulerMetaData
 SchedulerMetaData Scheduler.getMetaData()
          Get a SchedulerMetaData object describing the settings and capabilities of the scheduler instance.

Uses of SchedulerMetaData in org.quartz.impl

Methods in org.quartz.impl that return SchedulerMetaData
 SchedulerMetaData StdScheduler.getMetaData()
 SchedulerMetaData RemoteScheduler.getMetaData()
 SchedulerMetaData RemoteMBeanScheduler.getMetaData()

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