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org.quartz.core Contains the core classes and interfaces for the Quartz job scheduler.   
org.quartz.impl Contains implementations of the SchedulerFactory, JobStore, ThreadPool, and other interfaces required by the org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler. 

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 class JobRunShell
           JobRunShell instances are responsible for providing the 'safe' environment for Job s to run in, and for performing all of the work of executing the Job, catching ANY thrown exceptions, updating the Trigger with the Job's completion code, etc.
 class SampledStatisticsImpl

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 class JTAJobRunShell
           An extension of JobRunShell that begins an XA transaction before executing the Job, and commits (or rolls-back) the transaction after execution completes.

Uses of SchedulerListenerSupport in org.quartz.impl

Subclasses of SchedulerListenerSupport in org.quartz.impl
 class QuartzServer
           Instantiates an instance of Quartz Scheduler as a stand-alone program, if the scheduler is configured for RMI it will be made available.

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