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Packages that use QuartzSchedulerResources
org.quartz.core Contains the core classes and interfaces for the Quartz job scheduler. 
org.quartz.impl Contains implementations of the SchedulerFactory, JobStore, ThreadPool, and other interfaces required by the org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler. 

Uses of QuartzSchedulerResources in org.quartz.core

Constructors in org.quartz.core with parameters of type QuartzSchedulerResources
QuartzScheduler(QuartzSchedulerResources resources, long idleWaitTime, long dbRetryInterval)
           Create a QuartzScheduler with the given configuration properties.

Uses of QuartzSchedulerResources in org.quartz.impl

Methods in org.quartz.impl with parameters of type QuartzSchedulerResources
protected  Scheduler StdSchedulerFactory.instantiate(QuartzSchedulerResources rsrcs, QuartzScheduler qs)

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