Class SendQueueMessageJob

  extended by
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public final class SendQueueMessageJob
extends Object
implements Job

A Job that sends a javax.jms.Message to a javax.jms.Queue. This class is for older JMS. If you are using JMS 1.1, you should use SendDestinationMessageJob instead.

The following properties are expected to be provided in the JobDataMap:

The following properties are optional

The following properties can be used for JNDI support:

Weston M. Price (little fixes v. in 1.6.0 by Toni Alatalo)
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void execute(JobExecutionContext jobCtx)
           Called by the Scheduler when a Trigger fires that is associated with the Job.
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Constructor Detail


public SendQueueMessageJob()
Method Detail


public void execute(JobExecutionContext jobCtx)
             throws JobExecutionException
Description copied from interface: Job

Called by the Scheduler when a Trigger fires that is associated with the Job.

The implementation may wish to set a result object on the JobExecutionContext before this method exits. The result itself is meaningless to Quartz, but may be informative to JobListeners or TriggerListeners that are watching the job's execution.

Specified by:
execute in interface Job
JobExecutionException - if there is an exception while executing the job.

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