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Packages that use Constraint

Uses of Constraint in org.quartz.locality

Methods in org.quartz.locality that return Constraint
 Constraint LocalityException.getConstraint()
          Constraint being the issue

Methods in org.quartz.locality that return types with arguments of type Constraint
 List<Constraint> NodeSpec.getConstraints()
          Returns a List of Constraint to be used to identify the targeted node

Methods in org.quartz.locality with parameters of type Constraint
 NodeSpecBuilder NodeSpecBuilder.has(Constraint constraint)
          DSL method to add a constraint
 NodeSpecBuilder constraint)
          DSL method to add a constraint
 NodeSpecBuilder NodeSpecBuilder.set(Constraint... constraintsToAdd)

Constructors in org.quartz.locality with parameters of type Constraint
LocalityException(String message, Constraint constraint)

Uses of Constraint in org.quartz.locality.constraint

Classes in org.quartz.locality.constraint that implement Constraint
 class CpuConstraint
          Cpu based constraint for best node evaluation
 class EhcacheConstraint
          Constraints related the locality of Ehcache values
 class MemoryConstraint
          Constraint on memory characteristics of the node to execute the Job on
 class NodeGroupConstraint
          Constraint to have a Job execute on a specific node group.
 class OsConstraint
          Constraint to a specific operating system

Uses of Constraint in org.quartz.locality.constraint.evaluator

Classes in org.quartz.locality.constraint.evaluator with type parameters of type Constraint
 interface Evaluator<T extends Constraint>
          An Evaluator will match and potentially return best suited nodes for a Job to execute on.
 interface PersistentEvaluator<T extends Constraint,V>
          An particular Evaluator that will be passed a clustered ConcurrentMap instance to store shared data.

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