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Uses of EhcacheConstraint in org.quartz.locality.constraint

Methods in org.quartz.locality.constraint that return EhcacheConstraint
static EhcacheConstraint EhcacheConstraint.elements(Cache cache, Collection keys)
          Creates a EhcacheConstraint for local values to a Set of keys

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Methods in with parameters of type EhcacheConstraint
 boolean EhcacheEvaluator.matches(EhcacheConstraint constraint)
          Evaluates the constraint against local node.
 List<String> EhcacheEvaluator.suitedNodes(EhcacheConstraint constraint)
          Returns a list of best suited node (instanceId) based on the constraint
 void EhcacheEvaluator.verify(EhcacheConstraint constraint)
          Doesn't do anything

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