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Uses of Evaluator in org.quartz.locality.constraint.evaluator

Subinterfaces of Evaluator in org.quartz.locality.constraint.evaluator
 interface PersistentEvaluator<T extends Constraint,V>
          An particular Evaluator that will be passed a clustered ConcurrentMap instance to store shared data.

Classes in org.quartz.locality.constraint.evaluator that implement Evaluator
 class CpuEvaluator
 class MemoryEvaluator
          Evaluates memory constraints
 class NodeGroupEvaluator
          Evaluator that matches job execution to particular nodes based on the Trigger and JobDetail groups they are in.
 class OsEvaluator
          Evaluator that persists all nodes' Operation Systems

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Classes in that implement Evaluator
 class EhcacheEvaluator
          Ehcache evaluator, which lets Jobs be executed on certain node, depending of the locality of the data in a Ehcache

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