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Packages that use JobFactory
org.quartz The main package of Quartz, containing the client-side interfaces. 
org.quartz.core Contains the core classes and interfaces for the Quartz job scheduler. 
org.quartz.impl Contains implementations of the SchedulerFactory, JobStore, ThreadPool, and other interfaces required by the org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler. 
org.quartz.simpl Contains simple / light-weight implementations (with no dependencies on external libraries) of interfaces required by the org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler. 

Uses of JobFactory in org.quartz

Methods in org.quartz with parameters of type JobFactory
 void Scheduler.setJobFactory(JobFactory factory)
          Set the JobFactory that will be responsible for producing instances of Job classes.

Uses of JobFactory in org.quartz.core

Methods in org.quartz.core that return JobFactory
 JobFactory QuartzScheduler.getJobFactory()

Methods in org.quartz.core with parameters of type JobFactory
 void QuartzScheduler.setJobFactory(JobFactory factory)

Uses of JobFactory in org.quartz.impl

Methods in org.quartz.impl with parameters of type JobFactory
 void StdScheduler.setJobFactory(JobFactory factory)
 void RemoteScheduler.setJobFactory(JobFactory factory)
 void RemoteMBeanScheduler.setJobFactory(JobFactory factory)

Uses of JobFactory in org.quartz.simpl

Classes in org.quartz.simpl that implement JobFactory
 class PropertySettingJobFactory
          A JobFactory that instantiates the Job instance (using the default no-arg constructor, or more specifically: class.newInstance()), and then attempts to set all values from the SchedulerContext and the JobExecutionContext's merged JobDataMap onto bean properties of the Job.
 class SimpleJobFactory
          The default JobFactory used by Quartz - simply calls newInstance() on the job class.

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