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Packages that use org.quartz.impl
org.quartz.core Contains the core classes and interfaces for the Quartz job scheduler.   
org.quartz.impl Contains implementations of the SchedulerFactory, JobStore, ThreadPool, and other interfaces required by the org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler. 

Classes in org.quartz.impl used by org.quartz.core

Classes in org.quartz.impl used by
           An implementation of the Scheduler interface that remotely proxies all method calls to the equivalent call on a given QuartzScheduler instance, via JMX.

Classes in org.quartz.impl used by
           An implementation of SchedulerFactory that does all of its work of creating a QuartzScheduler instance based on the contents of a Properties file.

Classes in org.quartz.impl used by org.quartz.impl
           A singleton implementation of SchedulerFactory.
           Holds references to Scheduler instances - ensuring uniqueness, and preventing garbage collection, and allowing 'global' lookups - all within a ClassLoader space.

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